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Top Rated Live Dealer Casinos 2021

Live casino is the platform or a section of the gambling website that offers games and activities that include live dealers. Moreover, players can play against other punters and compete to win a grand prize. Most gamblers choose games from this category to get the experience that is close to the one you can get in the land-based casino.

While looking for the best live casino online you want to consider a set of features and characteristics of the good gambling platform. The point of this detailed guide is to give the readers an insight on how to identify the appropriate internet casino and what to avoid. Unfortunately, the ultimate website that will satisfy every gambler does not exist due to the uniqueness of the approach to providing services of every platform. However, the casinos from the list do share the top-notch software, wide game selection, pleasant bonus system and other features that make these platforms appealing to the majority of the punters.

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Live Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Speaking of live casino bonus systems, it is fair to say that most of the gambling platforms do offer quite pleasant promotions for their users. In fact, the software solutions and quality of the interface are on the similar level for the platforms on the market. Therefore, design features and bonuses are the main areas that help casinos to compete.

Cashback Bonus

A popular type of bonus is actually also available at some live online casinos. It allows saving money with every deposit you make and even though you return only up to 5% percent of the deposit every time, you will definitely see the benefit of using it with some time. Another variation of this offer allows returning the share of your losses back too.

Top Rated Live Dealer Casinos 2021

Cash Rewards

As it comes from the name, cash rewards are the bonus credits you can get after meeting certain requirements. The way the bonus actually works depends on the particular platform but some of the examples of the rewards are bonuses for inviting a friend or a special prize for entering and wagering at the casino regularly.

Live Casino Online

Deposit Bonus

It is usually associated with the welcome bonus of the live casino online. By using it you can significantly increase the value of your deposit. Let’s say the sign up deposit bonus is 100%, it means that by accruing 200 USD while claiming it you will get 400 USD as a bonus. Isn’t it crazy?

Best Live Casino Games


Jackpots at the live casino can also be called “Grand prizes”. They are the best prize you can win at any given gambling activity. To find the slots and games that feature this bonus you need to browse the dedicated “Jackpots” section of the website.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements

Money you get from the free spins, jackpots and other bonuses are real, which means you can withdraw them. However, every casino has certain wagering requirements you need to meet before that. To put it simply, you need to use bonus credits to wager on different activities 35-40 times before you can transfer them to your card.

You should always double-check what games count for the wagering requirements and how many times you need to bet the money before withdrawing for every platform.

Best Live Casino Games

Live casino games selection is another feature that we mentioned as the key one. The most important thing to know is that some of the websites focus on providing a particular type of games or software solutions from a certain provider. Make sure that the platform you choose is approved by Be Gamble Aware.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat

Simple rules and exciting gameplay have turned this game from the activity of the aristocrats into a popular gambling activity. The goal of the players is to get the combination of two or three cards that has the value of 9 or close. The cards with faces and tens give zero points and if the player has 10 or more points, his or her final number of points excludes 10.

The punter wins if his or her hand has a higher value than the dealer’s one.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

This card game at the live online casino is somewhat similar to the previous one in terms of the gameplay. Moreover, the players also compete against the cashier/dealer and not against each other here. The goal is to get the total number of points that is the closest to 21 (the game’s other name is “Twenty-One”). However, if you go over the stated threshold here, you just bust and lose your bet in any case. The most interesting part of the game is the potential of using special charts that give the idea of when the player needs to take another card and when it is better to refuse to take one. If you want to find more intersting information about the game, read this article about Blackjack Online Game.

Live Craps

Live Craps

If you are looking for even simpler gameplay at the live casino without the need of using any skills, Craps is your choice. Everyone knows that rolling the dice is almost a synonym to randomness, which is why very little depends on the punter here. You can bet on certain numbers, on even or odd numbers or the series of rolls.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette

Another live dealer casino game where your skill does not play a key role in the process of gambling. Here you can bet on the colors of the wheel (usually black or red), numbers (even or odd) and sections of the wheel. The dealer accepts bets only until he or she spins the wheel.

How To Play Live Casino Games Online

To play any live casino online game you need to install the app or open the browser version of the gambling platform website. The good news is that modern software allows playing these activities in real time with almost no delay but you also need to have a fast and stable internet connection to get the best experience.

After you have ensured that your hardware allows online gambling, you should choose an appropriate internet casino that offers live dealer games from different operators. Create an account, claim your sign up bonus and find the game you are interested in and try out its free version if it is available. While wagering real money you should start slow and then move on to bigger numbers.

Popular Game Providers

While choosing what game to play at a live casino you should pay attention to the software provider. Games from one developer always have a set of distinctive features and qualities, which makes them similar. To put it simply, the quality of your experience with a particular live game depends on its software provided by the developer. The current online gambling market has some major software developers that cooperate with almost every internet casino. To grant the security of your choice and avoid poor solutions we recommend sticking with licensed providers from the list that have already proved their trustworthiness with years of creating top-notch products. Read more on this topic in the Casino Software Providers Review 2021 article.

Live Casino Mobile Compatibility

The simultaneous development of better technologies for online gambling and improving the hardware of mobile devices has made live casino mobile gambling possible. In fact, the majority of modern punters use their smartphones and tablets for getting access to the internet casino activities.

Why should you choose mobile gambling:

  1. Great optimization of the games and websites’ software allows providing smooth gaming experience even with not very capable devices;
  2. You can use your phone and mobile network to get access to gambling from any location;
  3. The interface and controls of the games is also optimized for the touch screens of the smartphones and tablets;
  4. You do not have to sit in front of the computer to play live dealer games;
  5. Players can get additional bonuses and promotions after installing and using mobile apps;
  6. There is no need to create a new account for the platform if you already have one. Moreover, some activities allow crossover gaming from devices with different operating systems.
Live Casino Mobile

For Android Devices

To find the best live casinos for devices running on Android you should use the corresponding review. Avoid downloading apps from the third-party websites and only use Play Market or official pages of the platforms. Find a detailed guide on the topic in Best Android Casino 2021.

Live Casino Sites

For IOS Devices

The recommendations are similar for the IPhone and IPad users. In fact, the list of the casinos is also almost identical with some minor changes to it. TOP iPhone Casino Apps 2021 article will provide you with more details on the issue.

Hits and Misses

To sum up the live dealer gaming in online live casinos it is essential to summarize the most important points from the article. The strengths and weaknesses describe the overall situation with this type of gambling activity and you definitely should try it for yourself to create your own opinion.


  • Game variety include different table games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Craps and others;
  • You can get a unique experience of playing against other players or the dealer in online casino;
  • The payouts at good gambling platforms are swift and stable and the limits for withdrawal are high;
  • Sweet bonuses and promotions allow boost your profit from wagering
  • The software from the leading casino providers makes live games compatible with all the mobile devices on Android or IOS operating systems;
  • Live action games provide an interesting gameplay where you need to use your knowledge and skills to outplay the dealer or other punters;
  • The return to player rate of the live card games is usually very high, which signifies their profitability.


  • The selection of live dealer online casino games is limited at some platforms;
  • The learning curve for some of the games is quite steep.

Final Remarks

If you like online gambling but slots have become somewhat boring, exploring the live section of the casinos’ game selection might be the way out. Discover interesting table and card games that offer a unique gameplay and high payouts. With a live casino you will definitely take your gambling experience to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play At Live Dealer Casinos On My Mobile Device?

Majority of modern live casino games are compatible with the newer smartphones and tablets running Android and IOS operating systems.

Should I Claim A Live Casino Bonus?

Of course, if you want to get the most out of your wagering.

Will I Need To Download Software Before Playing Live Dealer Games?

You can choose between using the live casino online website or downloading the dedicated app.

How Do I Know If Live Games Are Fair?

If the software developer of the game has an official license and the game itself has positive reviews from other punters, you should not worry about its fairness.

Can I Play Against Live Dealers For Free?

Most of the games with live dealers require making a minimal bet to be able to play.